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Konami offers free game demos

Contra, Castlevania and more accessed through emulator

Konami has launched a download service for US consumers, allowing them to access free mobile game demos and other content for hit titles such as Contra, Castlevania, Frogger and Dance Dance Revolution.

The Konami Mobile Portal is a free download which the publisher hopes will make the process of choosing and buying mobile games a simple and efficient experience.

"Our customers appreciate being able to browse and sample the wide variety of products," said Joe Morris, vice president of mobile content for Konami.

"Once they do decide to buy, the speed of our store is unparalleled, with most customers receiving the content an average of 90 seconds after choosing it."

"Additionally the Konami Mobile Portal allows us to develop an ongoing relationship with our customers. We're committed to developing new ways of making the mobile experience easier and more enjoyable, and other companies are finding ways to use our technologies for a variety of applications beyond gaming."

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