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Knight Online

Eight-chapter "Forever" saga gets under way.

In Knight Online Forever the world of Carnac embarks upon a new chapter of chaos and turmoil as players struggle against the wills of manipulative gods. A plague of small dragons has descended upon the land. Though not as terrifying as their massive cousins, they nonetheless pose yet another threat in a land already rife with danger…and some believe them to be heralds of even darker evil to come. Where have these unwanted visitors come from? Why are they here? And most importantly, what do they plan on doing during their stay?

Knight Online Forever is a brand new eight-chapter saga of storyline events starting January 27th that charges players with solving the mystery and restoring order to the world. Chapter One kicks off with reports that small dragons have appeared to wreak havoc on the countryside. As players arrive to defeat them, however, it becomes clear that not everyone wants them to quell the menace. Prospective dragon hunters may visit the web site for clues behind the sudden appearances and find useful information on how to put a stop to them.

Chapter 1 Event begins January 27 and ends February 1, 2009

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