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Knight Online

Details of the new Ionia server and the Border Defense War update.

Irvine, Ca. – April 21, 2009 – GamersFirst ( www.gamersfirst.com), a service of K2 Network and one of today's most popular free2play online game destinations, announces big additions to the Knight Online World.

New Server – Ionia. Players will have the chance to start over from scratch in the long awaited release of Knight Online’s 16th world Ionia. The world takes its name from the goddess Akara. Having watched her children suffer for too long, she has decided to recreate a new world for them to live on where she can watch over and protect them. The new update will also include Knight Online’s planned anti-cheating measures. This update is geared toward preventing hack tools from working while the game is running.

Border Defense War Update. Players will now be able to engage in “Border Defense War” on a new map according to a tiered level schedule. There will be more Border Defense Wars more often, with more chances to win, and players will be more evenly matched up as players from similar levels battle each other.

“It doesn’t get much better than this. Says Joseph Willmon, Associate producer, Knight online “With a new server, new content, advancement in the ongoing storyline, and tough new measures aimed at preventing cheating, today is a great day to be a Knight Online player.”

Along with the new server and border defense war update Knight Online Forever – Chapter 4 has been released. The neutral trade city of Moradon is under siege! Karus and El Morad alike must band together to stem the tide of evil before it destroys all they hold dear. Fight back wave after wave of rampaging monstrosities, and eventually confront the death god Krowaz himself!

Storyline link: http://knightonlineworld.gamersfirst.com/kol_forever.php#chp4

Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Wsf57qfhgg

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