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Kickabout League

Signed Pelé shirt to be won in Jagex's multiplayer footie game, with assorted new features added too.

Jagex Games Studio has gone World Cup crazy and has updated their popular multiplayer football game, Kickabout League. Jagex has released a number of new features to the game and has announced the first ever Kickabout World Cup tournament, offering players the chance to compete for a framed Brazil shirt signed by Pelé.

The Kickabout World Cup kicks off on Saturday 19th June and players wanting to participate can register on the Kickabout World Cup HQ page

( http://services.funorb.com/m=forum_fo/forums.ws?39,40,34,66588) until June 13th.

In addition to the World Cup tournament announcement the Jagex team has unveiled the following updates to Kickabout:

Exhibition Mode - Exhibition Mode is a new unrated game play mode designed to help you determine the best Kickabout players for your squad. It's like a normal game of Kickabout, but instead of using your own team, you'll use a selection of level 50 players (3 Tanks, 3 Rangers and 3 Hotshots).

Tournament Mode - Now you and up to 15 other people can take part in a knockout competition, comprised of 1v1 games that you can play using your own team, or as an Exhibition Mode game with a team of level 50 players. All players play simultaneously; the losers are knocked out and the winners progress to the next round.

New Statistics – Have you ever left a game of Kickabout and wondered who tackled the most, or how many tackles were successful? Or who scored which goals, and when? Well, we've added a post-game stats menu, showing possession, goals, kicks and tackle information for all players in a game.

New Rating System - We've taken on your feedback about the rating system, and we've added a new rated game option - now you can find an opponent with a similar rating, similar league points or a similar level!

New Achievements – We have added a total of 40 new Achievements meaning that Kickabout now has 73 achievements for you to collect.

To test your skills why not play Kickabout today for free by visiting: www.FunOrb.com

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