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KGC 2009

This year's Korea Games Conference to be held in October at a new Seoul venue; speaker applications invited.

- Opens in Seoul KOEX, from October 7th to 9th

- Experts from Korea and oversea will be invited, to present the future figure of the World's Online games.

Korea Game Development Association (KGDA for short, Chairman is Kim Kwang Sam) brought up the fact that the 'Korea Games Conference 2009 (KGC2009)', the game-specialized conference that has grown to the Asia's largest scale, will be held in Seoul KOEX, from October 7th to October 9th.

KGC2009 is the Asia's largest game-specialized international conference that represents Korea, held by Korea Game Developers Association and supported by Ministry of culture, sports & tourism.

KGC2009, grown to an international game conference that represents Korea

Last year, KGC2008 held approximately 80 lecturers and 91 sessions under the theme "The 5th Generation of gaming", and about 200 people from oversea visited. 4,500 people in total visited during the 3-day length conference, which indicated that KGC is not just a game conference for Koreans, but also for international people.

Kim Kwang Sam, the chairman of KGDA, which have been running KGC for nine years since 2001, said "KGC is a meaningful event which will be discussing about keywords of next-generation game and promote Korean game industry internationally, in Korea, the center of world game market that have been leading the revolution of online game in a worldwide scale. We will keep on putting efforts to make sure KGC contributes to development of international game industry and be the event for game experts."

Location change and Global Online Game Award Connections

KGC2009 is planning to promote itself as an international game conference, by moving its exhibition site to Seoul and resolve problems related to transportation and facilities, and by connecting Global online game award with its structure to show the technology and leadership of Korea, a leading nation of internationally-growing online game market.

KGC2009 is now officially enrolling Experts' lectures

As they have done in previous years, the promoters are planning to invite experts from various fields, including game companies of different countries, and provide high-quality lectures. This year's experts' lecture enrollment is done in KGC2009 official website ( www.kgconf.com), from March 16th until June 31st. 9 fields, which includes programming, computer graphic, game design, game producing, audio, business, game management, mobile, and academy/policy, are taking applicants, and will choose the lecturers.

Those who want to participate can fill in the lecture application form and submit at KGC2009 official website ( www.kgconf.com). Forms will be examined, and the result will be KGC2009 will be held in Seoul KOEX Grand Volume, 2nd floor conference room and auditorium, from October 7th until 9th.

For Further Information, Please Contact :

Korea Game Developers Association

Lee Ha Young, Assistant Manager

Phone : +82-2-3153-2781

E-Mail : hylee@kgda.or.kr

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