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Flash-based puzzler created by ex-Eidos chaps Honeyslug; DS and PC game on the way.

London, UK, 18th March 2009 - Honeyslug are pleased to announce the release of Keep Ahead on the Gimme5games.com website. Keep Ahead is a 50 level action puzzler where you control two explorers, Ivor and Yora, afflicted with a voodoo curse which has left them with only one head to share between two bodies. Ivor and Yora must swap their head back and forth, collecting totem heads to lift the curse, and avoiding dangers such as head stealing monkeys, man-eating plants, shrunken heads and deadly lava! You can play it here: http://www.gimme5games.com/index.jsp?id=keepahead

We are delighted to have created the first game on Gimme5games.com which uses the new Gwizz content creation system, which allows Keep Ahead players to create their own levels and share them with the community. Honeyslug worked closely with the G5 team in development of the system, to ensure the level creation was simple and fun to use.

Keep Ahead is the second Honeyslug game to be released on Gimme5games.com, following hard on the heels of Balloon-Headed Boy, a 36 level classic platform game which was released at the tail end of 2008: http://www.gimme5games.com/index.jsp?id=bhbflash

Honeyslug are currently working on an unannounced DS and PC title, as well as several exciting projects on other platforms, which will be announced later in the year.

For more information on recent development work, visit the development blog at http://honeyslug.blogspot.com

About Honeyslug - Formed in mid-2008 by ex-members of an Eidos development team Ricky Haggett, Mark Inman and Nat Marco, Honeyslug are an independent games developer creating interesting, original games across a number of platforms.

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