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Karos Online

Second closed beta test event kicks off today with a Fletta mine takeover to join in.

Haarlem, October 23rd. The second closed beta test event for Karos Online will feature something new for PvP lovers: Mine Takeovers. The event kicks off this Friday, October 23rd and runs through Sunday 25th.

"Mine takeovers are a form of guild PvP that cuts to the essence of competition in Karos Online," said Heejin Jeong, Senior Overseas Sales Manager at NHN Corporation.

“Fletta energy is the most valuable and versatile material available to players, so ensuring a good supply of it will become a top priority for guilds. This coming Sunday, we're pleased to offer players the opportunity to participate in a Fletta mine takeover scenario as a preview of the guild PvP action to come, and we're looking forward to receiving their feedback."

As in the first beta event, guild wars can also be waged throughout the weekend, in which players can battle alongside their allies and kill members of rival guilds on sight.

For more information, visit this gamepage; http://mmohub.org/game/karos-online/


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