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Karcass Online

Side-scrolling MMORPG with its own World Making System.

Title: Karcass Online


Developer: JCR Soft

Publisher: Freechal(Korea)

Global Publisher: GameHi (Japan, North America, Europe)

Servicing date: 1st Closed-beta test in October 2008

Official website: http://karcass.freechal.com

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

CPU P4 1.7Ghz

RAM 512M

VGA 64M, Shader required (Planning to change)

OS Win2000/XP

Recommended Requirements



VGA 128M, Shader required (Planning to change)

OS Win2000/XP


In the continent, there existed 5 kingdoms. Placed in the swamp of warfare, these kingdoms struggled and split up continuously. As people were suffering from countless wars, the demon lord invaded. Corrupted demons came to the humans' world through warp gate, and soldiers of the kingdoms tried to resist. With their repetitive loss, the alliance force retreated and prepared for a final war in the desert fortress, Queren. The soldiers fought bravely, but they became more tired as the battle lasted for days. On the seventh day, the fortress was almost defeated by the demons; only despair was there.

Then, a knight appeared from horizon. The knight rampaged through the waves of demons, and slashed them with a sharp sword. The fortress was once again filled with hope. Surprisingly, the knight was a woman, named Hertia. She lost her beloved children, and met a person. The man, covered in a black robe, saved her and taught a way to control mystic power named Arke. She called him Nameless. The alliance force reestablished army and defiance the demons. Hertia was respected by everyone as a hero who saved the fortress from despair. The fortress was in peril few more times, but the people who were taught by the Nameless, like Hertia, appeared and protected it from falling down. Mercenary Kaballa, Hunter Thelos, and Mage Feira were the heroes. They searched for people with talent, and gladly taught their knowledge to them. With their teachings, the alliance force was able to control the power of Arke, and have abilities to oppose the demons.

Then a new hero appeared. 'Ezraim', a young monk who claimed himself as a messenger of God, proclaimed Hiram, a city located in the midst of continent and filled with demons, as a sacred city and annihilated every single demons in the city. This happening, which was later named the miracle of Hiram, spread into the entire continent, and Ezraim was nominated as the first Sacred Emperor.

On the 40th year after the invasion of the demon lord, the Arke Knights with four heroes and Holy Knights with Ezraim the Holy Emperor went on their way to defeat the demon lord. After countless sacrifices and the death of four heroes, Ezraim sealed the demon lord. The Holy Emperor changed the name of Arke Knights into Neviroth Knights, and reorganized them as Emperor Escorts.

Before secluding, Ezraim left prophesies about the resurrection of the demon lord and salvation of human race, and the name "Neviroth", an eye that observes dimensions, was in the middle of the prophecy.

For next 500 years, the religion of Ezraim prevailed greatly, and conflicts between the church and kings became worse. The demon lord, Amonsatuth, broke the seal with assistance from a betrayer. Amonsatuth opened the gate of hell and summoned demons. The entire continent, just like the ancient time, was defeated in less than a half day. Few knights succeeded in evading to Elwood, and unsealed the prophecy of Ezraim. The survivors verified the prophecy, and realized that their task is to grow the force of Neviroth and find a new hero who will defeat the demons. Onto a long journey they went, to find a new hero.

Special Features

MMORPG Side-scrolling Action MMORPG Karcass online is a side-scrolling action MMORPG that includes the interesting elements of RPG, such as the combination of action, growth of character and skill, item collection and upgrades. Karcass online supports map environment expressed in 2D, and characters in 3D. It shows a very dynamic and unique game play, and is planning to present tough action plays to the users. World-Making System Karcass online supports a 'World Making System', which enables users to create dungeons inside designated maps that fit their play styles. World Making System induces an active creation of communities between users and various play contents that the producers could not provide, and help users to experience a free-style play. Through this system, users can share their creation with other players and play together. Various combos and skill systems Inclining towards a powerful action game, Karcass online presents unique skill systems that vary for each character. The attack system of Karcass online supports various combos by combining normal attacks and skills, and chain combos can be used to execute a much stronger attack. When user enters combat situations, every moves that are done increase the power gage in User Interface window. Characters can convert into 'Burst mode' once this gauge reaches maximum, and special skill can be launched to feel catharsis. Moreover, Karcass online has 'party combo system', which enables party members to attack single or multiple enemies together. Guild System Every community activities in Karcass online are done through 'Guilds'. Guilds can design towns, and get priority when participating in various economical and social activities. Also, guilds can have special skills, items and quests of their own, which will be another form of interest in the game. Housing System Users of Karcass online will have their own space, which can be decorated with their own taste. Users can use various items to do so, and experience various optional effects such as status recovery and increase of experience points.
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