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Kalador's FreePlay in-game advertising technology for mobile phone games powers MobileRated

March 19, 2007, Brentwood Bay, Canada: FreePlay is a Kalador developed technology that enables non-disruptive in-game advertising within traditional mobile phone games. The process is seamless to the game developer and can incorporate a wide variety of advertising models and strategies, including pay-per-view, pay-per-click and other ad-tracking metrics, and supports both textual and graphical advertising formats.

The mobile phone gamer is a highly sought after profile for many advertisers. Not only is this demographic desirable to advertisers, it is one increasingly more difficult to reach due to a reduced interest in traditional media channels like television and radio. The ubiquitous mobile phone has become a major conduit to reach this audience, delivered via ad-supported free mobile phone games using FreePlay technology.

While this demographic is adverse to obtrusive or deceptive advertising practices, studies suggest well-understood advertising models - such as FreePlay's "free games with in-game advertising" - are highly adopted and respected. Advertisers therefore receive maximum value for their advertising dollars using the FreePlay system.

Kalador's FreePlay technology has been deployed on the free mobile phone games site, http://www.mobilerated.com, with promising results. The uptake has been tremendous. Customers love the concept of free games and the site is growing by over 50% per month. FreePlay is a major part of MobileRated's continued strong growth.

Due to the high volume of game downloads, Kalador partners with leading mobile internet advertising agencies to deliver advertisements through the FreePlay system. Developers are therefore assured a steady stream of highly relevant advertising and a reliable revenue stream. As long as their games are played, they earn their advertising revenues. As the solution is completely portable, developers can offer FreePlay games on their own websites and third party portals, confident they will maximize their revenues.

Advertising inquiries may be made to partners(at)kalador.com.

Interested game developers should join our developer program at http://www.kalador.com/developer/.

About MobileRated

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About Kalador Entertainment Inc.:

Kalador is a mobile phone games and entertainment company founded in 2000. We offer customers access to premium mobile games & entertainment at our http://www.kalador.com web/mobile storefront. We partner with leading mobile phone game developers, distributors and publishers to maximize game revenues and customer entertainment value. We Are Mobile EntertainmentTM.

For information on our developer program visit www.kalador.com/developer. For more information about Kalador visit our website at www.kalador.com.

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