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K2 Network Celebrates The First Anniversary Of Global MU Online With Its Expansion, Cry Wolf

New Content Includes The Fenrir Mount, Five ArmorSets, Two New Maps, TheBi-Weekly Cry Wolf Event & 100+ Hours of Gameplay


IRVINE, Calif. - (March 22, 2007) - MUtizens Prepare! K2 Network, Inc. (K2network.net), an online game publisher, today announced that Cry Wolf, a downloadable expansion pack for the popular MMORPG Global MU Online, will be available starting next week to gamers in Europe, North America, and South America. This expansion, loaded with new content and premium gameplay, marks the first anniversary of Global MU Online's commercial launch and kicks off a 30 day countdown to the Cry Wolf Event on April 27th, 2007.

In Cry Wolf, premium players will explore Aida and the Fortress of Cry Wolf, two new maps for the game. In the land of Aida, which will be the first map to release, players can adventure and quest their way to level 380 and prepare for the Fortress of Cry Wolf. In the Cry Wolf map, allied armies of humans and elves will defend the Fortress against the evil forces of Kundun and their tyrannical leader Balgass.

In addition to new maps and the Fortress of Cry Wolf Event, the expansion offers many other thrilling features: the ability to build and ride the powerful wolf: Fenrir, unique weapons and armor sets for each class; and never before seen monsters and NPC's including Werewolves, Witch Queens, Death Trees and Dark Elves. All of the above will add hundreds of hours of gameplay for MUtizens, the players of Global MU Online.

"The release of new content is a fantastic way to celebrate the first anniversary of Global MU Online," said producer Ricardo Mendoza. "Through the introduction of new exploration areas, quests and characters, players will begin an epic new adventure in the already massive universe of Global MU Online. We look forward to feedback from our dedicated community about the game's exciting expansion."

Developed by Webzen (NASDAQ: WZEN), Global MU Online can be downloaded for free at www.globalmuonline.com. Under the Free2Play model, players can explore and enjoy most of the game areas at no cost. Gamers who upgrade to one of the premium editions with the Pay2Play model also have the option to access enhanced game play, including the new Cry Wolf expansion, extensive in-game events, new items and unlimited customer support.

For additional information please visit the official Global MU Online website: www.globalmuonline.com

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K2 Network, an online game publisher and community service management company, publishes and services highly engaging online games and cultivates dynamic player environments. The company puts "Gamers First" with compelling titles, exciting communities, creative pricing models, quality customer service, and frequent updates based on user requests. K2 Network currently offers War Rock, Knight Online, Global MU Online and Golf King. Company headquarters are in Irvine, Calif. More information can be found at www.k2network.net.

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