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Japan: DS ahead of PSP for 2010 total sales

But less of a gap than 2009, as PSP snags a second week at number one

Sony's PSP has remained on top for a second week in Japan's hardware charts, but the combined DS range is currently 140,000 units ahead of the PS range for 2010 to date.

As always, the multiple DS SKUs add up to a greater weekly total than the PSP combined with its increasingly ailing media-free sibling, the PSPgo. The Go's take-up has been sliced in half since the previous week, opening just 831 wallets during the week ending July 25.

Aside from the Go's ill-fortune, the chart is more or less unchanged from last week:

  • PSP – 28,747
  • DSi LL – 24,189
  • Wii – 21,092
  • PlayStation 3: 19,420
  • Nintendo DSi: 18,202
  • Xbox 360: 6056
  • Nintendo DS Lite: 5059
  • PlayStation 2: 1475
  • PSPgo: 831

However, now we've passed the six month point, the total hardware sales in Japan for 2010 to date (totted up at VG247) can be assessed:

  • DS –1,326,136
  • PSP – 1,184,652
  • Wii – 886,880
  • PlayStation 3: 813,563
  • Xbox 360: 123,649
  • PlayStation 2: 49,912

By comparison, these were the sales for the entirety of 2009:

  • DS –3,978,953
  • PSP – 2,248,171
  • Wii – 1,962,367
  • PlayStation 3: 1,764,532
  • Xbox 360: 373,357
  • PlayStation 2: 206,555

If these are halved to approximately represent six months, the 2009 and 2010 to date figures are not enormously different - though the DS's lead over the PSP seems to have declined somewhat since last year, while the PS2 is on track to slump by some 50 per cent.

Of course, the advent of PlayStation Move and Microsoft Kinect towards Christmas could affect these charts dramatically - as would the unlikely but possible arrival of the Nintendo 3DS before the year is out.

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