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Jacques & Stella's Mystery Files Club

Investigative iPhone game currently seeking Apple's approval.

Monday, Nov.16th 2009

MaxMars, an indie development team based in Modena (Italy), has completed development of “Jacques & Stella's Mystery Files Club”, a new iPhone game and IP that is currently undergoing Apple approval process.

In “Jacques & Stella's Mystery Files Club” the player will help two young detectives solving randomly generated mystery cases; each “story” is set in a building, containing items that could be the murder weapons and featuring six suspects, plus the victim.

The game involves examining the items, but also questioning the suspects (with many lines of dialogs to better understand how the investigation is going) about their lives, relationships between the guests and their position during the crime; each one of such actions will be deemed succesful (and the corresponding clue revealed) after the player will have completed a challenge.

Challenges are represented by microgames and they range from landing a spaceship to identikit reconstructions to memorizing sequences of

objects: a total of nine microgames are available in the first version of the game, divided in three categories (action, memory, observation).

The player will also have access to a personal digital assistant (a PDA, much like a smartphone), with six applications that will help Jacques and Stella automatically archiving and retrieving all the clues about the victim, suspects and weapons.

The main game will last about five-ten minutes and will require both investigative and gaming skills; in addition to that “Jacques & Stella's Mystery Files Club” features a number of game modes based on minigames, with separate leaderboards for each mode.

Thanks to OpenFeint support the player will be able to confront his / her scores and achievements with those of all other people playing the game, including friends. An in-game chat, Facebook and Twitter support complete the features list for the game.

“Jacques & Stella's Mystery Files Club”, fully translated into five languages, is currently in Apple hands and should be released soon on the appstore for 2.99 USD / 2.39 EUR.

Please contact the MaxMars development team at info@maxmars.it for free codes for reviews and contests, more information about the game and access to pre-release versions for previews.

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