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It's Break Time Releases Travels of Marco Polo

July 4th 2007 - It's Break Time ( www.itsbt.com) is proud to announce Travels of Marco Polo, an addicting puzzle game that takes the player through the Silk Road. Start the expedition from Venice through to Asia and back. Gold is gained by matching defferent tiles and used to build caravans, cargos and wealth in this unique puzzle game.

Travels of Marco Polo features 75 levels of play. Achievements in the game will be rewarded with bonuses. Buy ships, camels, horses and even hire navigators for the fleet. Exotic commodities and animals such as silk, pottery, and tigers will travel with the player in this legendary journey. The key to victory is to earn enough gold before the time runs out for each level.

To aquire more gold, the player can match special patterns for the tiles. Valuable gems are waiting to be collected and added to the treasury. Combination of puzzles and strategic thinking awaits the players in Travels of Marco Polo.

Build a trade empire and travel the exotic lands in Travels of Marco Polo. Enjoy a full 30 day money back guarantee and an absolutely free demo available at www.itsbt.com

About It's Breaktime

ITSBT is aimed to produce new and innovative independent casual games. Constantly looking for new ways to play games, we want to combine new gameplay and old for our customers.

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Mike Sang

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phone: (64)(9) - 6278393

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