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Pass a ring along a track without letting them touch.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, September 24, 2009 - Bart Groothuijze and Codeglue today announced the launch of the game iSpiral for iPhone™ and iPod touch®.

iSpiral is a casual game with a retro look & feel and highly differentiating controls. The game is based upon a game called ‘The Spiral’, which became famous when it was used in a extremely popular Dutch TV-Show in the 80’s.

“I am excited to be able to share the authentic and original game of iSpiral with millions of Apple iPhone™ and iPod Touch® users globally”, said Bart Groothuijze, initiator and designer of iSpiral.  “I never thought it would be possible to bring a unique game with equal unique experience to a handheld, and keep such a game in just one hand!”

“Bart is a longtime relation to our company, and therefore it was a great privilege to be able to advice him upon the development of such an original and fun game-concept. We wish him and his game iSpiral great success”, said Peter de Jong, CEO at Codeglue. “Rumor is that he is working on a great cross-promotion for iSpiral that is unique to Apple’s App Store... Having seen the game, we are more than curious to see with what great cooperation he will come up with!”

About iSpiral

The goal of the game is to bring a small ring from start to finish over a labyrinth-like track, without touching the track. Keywords are concentration and fun, and by playing you also train and optimise your hand-eye coordination.

• 16 great and challenging levels

• Track-overview per level

• Easy control: only tilting does the trick!

• Unique cartoon rendered 3d-visuals

• Online highscore-listing

• Listen to your own music, while playing iSpiral

iSpiral is now available World Wide for $1.99 from the Apple App Store on iPhone™ and iPod Touch®. Get it here: iSpiral <http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=326138523&mt=8> .

There is also a Free Version <http://ax.itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/browserRedirect?url=itms%3A%2F%2Fax.itunes.apple.com%2FWebObjects%2FMZStore.woa%2Fwa%2FviewSoftware%3Fid%3D330783136%26mt%3D8> available that will provide only a limited number of levels.

For more information, go to www.ispiralgame.com <http://www.ispiralgame.com> .

About Bart Groothuijze

Bart Groothuijze is a freelance game designer, serial entrepreneur and freelance marketeer. He has been active within mobile telecom and the mobile game industry since 1999, in different roles and with different companies and initiatives.

About Codeglue

Codeglue is a Dutch Xbox 360, Playstation3, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS approved developer, founded in 2000, that specializes in pick-up-and-play arcade games for mobile, handheld devices, and emerging console platforms. Our studio develops premium licensed and original home grown games with devotion towards playability, multiplayer functionality, and driving communities.

Codeglue’s portfolio includes the high quality conversion of Worms World Party (Nokia N-Gage); well-known franchise mobile games like Monkeyball, Lemmings, Happy Tree Friends and HydroTilt XL!; and an original intellectual property, called Rocket Riot which was recently launched on XBLA.


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