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Turn-based iPhone action strategy available now.

iSoldierAnts is a turn based strategy/action game where you pitch your wits against 1 to 4 players that can be either Human or AI. It supports two game modes, quick battle ideal for a 5 minutes burst of fun and campaign mode where you can wage a longer war to control all the territory on the map. The aim of each battle is to defeat the other team and to do this you presented with a large selection of weapons; Sniper Rifle, AK47, FlameThrower, Prod, Snowball, Grenade, RPG, Missile, Mine, Petrol Bomb, Cluster Bomb, Time Bomb and Airstrike. You may want to avoid incoming attacks or gain a better vantage point and to do this you can walk the SoldierAnts left and right, flick them to jump, use a jetpack, teleport or simply dig yourself a hole with a mole and cower. If you ever played Team 17s classic Worms then you will have a pretty good idea what iSoldierAnts is all about. It has a slick interface, intuitive control scheme, great gameplay and lasting appeal. Packing more firepower than the A-Team your band of SoldierAnts are all set to wreak havoc.

iSoldierAnts Released 10th April

Lock and Load.




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