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Irish Invasion At GDC


Leading Irish game developer, Star Cave Studios Limited is on a mission! A mission to not only showoff their portfolio of games but also to convince the industry and its major players its intentions is to be taken seriously!

Among the products Star Cave Studio is bringing to GDC is a AAA online & multiplayer atmospheric, combined FPS shooter and RTS game named Terra : Formations; this awesome high-end title is currently in development for PC and scheduled to appear on leading next generation game consoles! In Terra : Formations, players take control of a marine on a mission to stop an alien race from taking over the galaxy! Terra : Formations features stunning graphics, fast-paced action packed game-play, and even in its early incarnations it leaves you in awe! Terra : Formations is available at GDC by appointment only, and is already looking to become a prospect for game of the year!

Star Cave Studio will also invade GDC with Illumina, which is best described as an online multiplayer semi-tactical first person shooter (FPS) set in the year of 2046. Illumina is currently in development by Star Cave Studios and offers unlimited hours of mayhem, havoc and destruction! The game is NOW available in a playable (BETA) version featuring LAN and multiplayer functionality! A single player feature is scheduled to be implemented prior to retail release, and a version for Apple Mac is also on the agenda. In addition to this, Star Cave Studios is working on a number of undisclosed features guaranteed to give you nightmares! Potential publishers and investors are highly encouraged to experience this mid-range, hardcore FPS title only available at GDC by appointment.

Finally, Star Cave are bringing along Camelot Galway - City Of The Tribes. Camelot Galway is a fantasy computer game and interactive educational adventure based on a medieval 17th century map of Galway city in Ireland, where players are not only immersed in an interactive tour while learning about some of the most recognized Irish myths and folklore, but also learning the basics of the Irish language! Camelot Galway is Star Cave Studio's first launch title and will be available in retail soon. Members of the press are encouraged to request a full version of the game for review, and interested distributors and publishers are sought!

Star Cave Studios Limited is a relatively new game developer founded in 2004 by industry veteran Keith Killilea; since 2004 Star Cave Studios has been on a mission to become a leading independent games developer and recently acquired Cellien Studios, based in Austin Texas, and Single Cell Games, based in Australia. During the course of 2006 Star Cave Studios will not only develop games for the PC platform, but are also moving onto the world of consoles and is currently in the process of achieving console development approvals.

Star Cave Studios Limited is currently seeking global distribution & publishing partners. Please contact Mr. Hans F. Olsen, Global PR & Marketing Manager for further information. Members of the press are equally welcome to contact Mr. Olsen for press samples. Further information is available by visiting www.camelotgalway.com, www.terrathegame.com, www.illumina-game.com and www.starcave.com.


Star Cave Studios Limited

Galway Technology Centre

Mervue Business Park

Galway City, Ireland

Tel. +353 87 1234949




Hans F. Olsen

Global PR & Marketing Manager


SKYPE : hansfrederikolsen

Tel. +1 707 535 6809

Star Cave Studios Limited is a privately owned game development studio based in Ireland, and the cream of Irish developers! Founded in June 2004 by industry veteran Keith Killilea, CEO, its focus is to create state-of-the-art computer games targeted not only at the PC platform, but also the next generation gaming consoles! During the course of 2005, Star Cave Studios Limited acquired Cellien Studios, based in Austin Texas, and Single Cell Games, based in Australia, and has now become the leader of Irish game development!


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