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Introducing the Official Web Site for Paradise City!

We are pleased to announce the release of the Paradise City official website. With this new site, you will find out more about this explosive mix between RPG, management and Real-Time Strategy, in which you will have to infiltrate the most violent gangs of the city as an undercover NSA agent.

Check out the official site and discover plenty of information about the game (the story, the city, the characters), a screenshots' gallery, forums,

The official website


Paradise City will be released on Q2 2007.

More details about Paradise City...

An explosive mix between RPG, management and Real-Time Strategy in a contemporary living breathing city, fully animated in 3D, in an atmosphere that combines the underworld and the fantastic.

Choose between 3 characters for the single-player campaign with their own profile and skills to develop.

Two game views: the first that gets as close to the action as possible, and the second that provides a strategic overview to manage the character's various territories most effectively.

Discover an advanced character development system, a combat system based on skills, but above all, experience the real feeling of ruling over an entire city !

Huge variety in the missions that will allow player to win XP, money, unique items and weapons.

An extensive character development system with over 50 different skills to use in real time.

Benefit from new skills, items and weapons for your characters by gaining control of new districts.

Challenge your friends during fierce games through exciting multiplayer modes (up to 8 players).

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