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InnoGames shares salary transparency report as "a matter of fairness"

German games firm publishes earnings for a range of junior and senior positions

Today German game developer InnoGames revealed a new salary transparency report - becoming the first gaming company in the country to do so.

The report details 80% of the firm's staffers and their earnings across job type and position.

"Salary transparency is a matter of fairness - towards your employees and your applicants," said Co-Founder and COO of InnoGames Michael Zillmer.

"That is why we have decided to share this information publicly, after initially making it available internally last year."

InnoGames' report provided earnings comparisons from junior roles to head of department positions:

Junior developer Head game developer
€48,000 ($49,200) - €58,000 ($59,400) €115,000 ($118,000)
Game designer (entry level)Game developer (expert)
€34,000 ($35,000) - €42,000 ($43,000)€85,000 ($87,000)
Junior marketingHead of marketing
€44,000 ($45,000) - €52,000 ($53,300)€106,375 ($109,000)
Junior artistExpert artist
€32,000 ($33,000) - €38,000 ($39,000)€68,000 ($69,700)
First-level analystHead analyst
€45,600 ($46,600) - €55,200 ($56,500)€104,280 ($106,700)
Community manager (entry level)Head of community management
€32,000 ($32,700) - €36,500 ($37,300)€85,000 ($87,000)
Junior product managerProduct head
€40,000 ($41,000) - €55,000 ($56,000)€115,000 ($117,600)
First-level QA testerExpert QA tester
€20,000 ($20,400) - €45,000 ($46,000)€85,000 ($87,000)
Junior system administratorHead system administrator
€45,000 ($46,000) - €57,500 ($59,000)€110,000 ($112,000)

Additionally, InnoGames director of human resources, Dr. Andreas Lieb said with the release of the salary transparency report, the company is expecting positive results such as more employee retention.

"We are also sending a clear signal to potential female applicants that pay gaps don't exist at InnoGames," said Lieb.

"The bottom line is that this is a 'win-win-win' situation. The company, our employees, and current and future applicants all stand to benefit from this disclosure."

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