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"Inhabited Island" to shake strategy gamers in less than a year: first screens released!

In less than a year the world of Strugatsky brothers' bestseller "Inhabitated Island" will shake the gaming community in explosive turn-based strategy by Wargaming.net and Akella.

Khonties, Barbarians and the Island Empire, being all unyielding enemies, will get involved in fierce warfare set to destroy the entire race of the Land of Fathers. Each race will possess and develop easily distinguishable technologies. Therefore, heavy armored, transport, and aviation units, each of absolutely different construction will be present on the battlefield. The battles will take place among 3D vivid extraterrestrial landscapes, with day and night change and dynamic weather conditions will affect the gameplay. A haze of exhausted gases poise over steel battle machines; the ground gets blasted by tracks of tanks and other heavy vehicles; artillery fire scratches, burns and breaches heavily armored units. The game will offer tremendous strategic depth featuring fog of war, troop-carrying vehicles, return fire, laying mines, camouflage and tons of other strategic and tactical techniques. To enjoy the delight of "Inhabited Island" wargame theatre beauties don't miss the first serious of screenshots:


Game features include:

  • Immersive storyline based on "Inhabited Island" (aka "Prisoner of Power") by the Strugatsky brothers
  • 4 totally unique races: Land of the Fathers, Khonties, Barbarians and Island Empire
  • Realistic battle system (camouflage, fog of war, return fire, mine laying, fortifications, land and air troop carriers)
  • Advanced technology tree and unit upgrade system
  • Realistic full 3D environment with day/night change and weather effects
  • Cinematic Camera mode showing the most dramatic moments

The game will be published in Russia by Akella. Visit Akella's booth at E3 this year for more materials and the Demo

About Akella:

Akella was founded in 1993 due to combined efforts of small group of people. For the next 12 years Akella was developing hard and from a team of 12 people became a multiple-disciple company that is engaged in developing, publishing and distribution of computer games and multimedia products. At present in Akella work more than 200 qualified specialists under the rule of experienced and professional managers. Own Akella's distribution network grows fast and at the moment covers all Russian Federation territory. Also Akella began to open representative offices in major Russian cities.

About Wargaming.net:

Wargaming.net, Inc. is a game development company based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Since 1998, Wargaming.net has specialized in creating strategy games. Wargaming.net's mission is to bring the feel of innovation to the strategy genre.

More information about Wargaming.net and its products can be found at:


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