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Inafune: Canada may become "epicentre of game development"

Capcom's R&D boss also claims developers see Canada as North American

Capcom's head of R&D Keiji Inafune believes that Canada is rapidly racing to the forefront of the games industry.

Canada was "getting very important now," the Dead Rising 2 producer told NowGamer. "They've got potential to be at the epicentre of videogame development."

It was recently revealed that Canada had leapfrogged the UK to become the third-largest game development territory.

While Inafune felt that government assistance and generally being "a little bit cheaper" was responsible, so too was a conflation of the country in developers' minds with the US.

"There are lots of background reasons for it, tax relief and government policies and so on and so forth, but from the developers point of view, Canada is part of North America so you can sort of [include it as] North American," he claimed.

That said, he perceived a fundamental distinction between Canadian and American development philosophies. "Canadians are a bit... more serious, if you like."

Canada's tax relief scheme for the games industry has proved divisive of late, with government officials foraying to UK in the hope of attracting away local developers.

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