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Imperium Romanum Expansion Pack

"Emperor Expansion" to offer four new campaigns and other goodies.

At the end of this month Kalypso Media will publish an expansion package to the successful city builder strategy game “Imperium Romanum”. The add-on “Imperium Romanum: Emperor Expansion” leads the player to a journey through ancient times: from cold Britain to wild Germania and the reproductive riverside of the Nile in ancient Egypt. 4 new campaigns offer 16 challenging missions at historical sites as Aque Sulis (Bath), the Hadrian’s Wall, Massilia and Treverorum (Trier). They demand all the military and economical skills of an experienced governor.

On top of that, “Emperor Expansion” is not only about strategic skills but also obliges the player to deal with religion and roman gods.

The AddOn includes four campaigns with four missions each, new and bigger maps, newly designed buildings, new tasks, and extended voice recordings.

The new campaigns:

- Conquest of Britain

o Londinium (London) – Britain’s Heart

o Aque Sulis (Bath) – Fountain of the Gods

o Eboracum (York) – Castrum Eboracum

o Construction of Hadrain’s Wall

- Germania – Where the barbarians live

o Augusta Vindelicorum (Augsburg) – Treasury of Raetias

o Borbetomagus (Worms) – City of the Celts

o Augusta Treverorum (Trier) – In the Land of the Treverer

o Via Claudia Augusta – Streets to Germania

- Colonisation of Africa

o Hippo Regius (Annaba) – The Royal City

o Tipaza (Tipasa) – Settlement in the Mountains

o Leptis Magna (Al Khums) – Birthplace Septimus Severus

o Lambaesis (Tazoult-Lambese) – Capital of Numida

- The Roman Civil War - Caesar versus Pompeius

o Massalia (Marseille) – Siege of Massalia

o Osuna (Provinz Sevilla) – Battle of Munda

o Dyrrhachium (Durres) – The Hassle of Dyrrhachium

o Zela (Zille, Provinz Tokat) – The Reconstruction of Zela


- 4 new campaigns

- 16 challenging missions

- Further / Additional and bigger maps

- New tasks with addiotional voice records

- Higher game speed level / rate

- Religion and 5 gods influence the progress

- Newly designed buildings


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