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Imperium Romanum 2

More info and pics surface.

Worms / Bracknell, October 15th 2008

Kalypso Media have today released further information about Imperium Romanum II, the follow-up to their highly successful city-building game Imperium Romanum. A further 8 screenshots to illustrate the Barbarian and African territories have also been released. The already impressive graphics quality of the screenshots is only at about 80% of that which will be seen in the final game.

Imperium Romanum II closely follows the ethos of Imperium Romanum so previous fans will not be disappointed. However, many features within Imperium Romanum II are new or revised, for example the modelling of the great city of Rome is even more complex, economic complexity and control are more advanced and the battle system has been greatly expanded. In Imperium Romanum II the troops are now controlled in a manner typical of strategy games. Furthermore, the sequel includes an extensive multiplayer mode.

In addition, Imperium Romanum II contains:

- A new and improved graphics engine.

- A persistent player character, in which benefits gained from completed quests are retained by your player character.

- An extensive economics model.

- A multiplayer mode which includes both co-operational and competitive tasks as well as a range of exclusive multi-player maps.

- Online high score charts.

- Lively populated towns, in which the inhabitants celebrate, have village fairs and go about normal life.

- Natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires and plagues.

- Campaigns that can feature up to 20 maps.

- A variety of social classes - from slaves to patricians.

- And much more!

Imperium Romanum II will be released in the first quarter of 2009 for a recommended retail price of £29.99.

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