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Immersion founds new touch-based studio

Haptify aiming to promote adoption of touch-feedback technology

Immersion, a company focused on the creation of touch-screen technology and middleware, has founded a new studio called Haptify, aiming to "develop, drive adoption, promote and increase visibility of mobile applications with integrated haptics."

Haptify wil operate solely on the Android platform, and will use and promote the use of Immersion's MOTIV touchscreen SDK. The studio will also offer publisher services to smaller developers looking to release on the platform.

"We have a great opportunity with Haptify because we believe we're just at the beginning of haptified games and applications on mobile devices, despite the fact that haptic technology is widely available in over 200 million smartphones and tablets today," said Immersion's chief commercial officer, Craig Vachon.

"We plan to use our team's extensive experience to evangelize haptics by creating innovative applications and games, and by working closely with other developers to integrate haptics into their applications and to monetize them through Haptify's marketing and publishing channels."