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Image Metrics acquires FacePro

Facial animation studio adds lip-syncing to portfolio

Facial animation company Image Metrics has acquired lip-syncing and technology business FacePro.

The founder and president of FacePro, Rod Stafford, has joined Image Metrics as audio animation lead, supporting the integration of FacePro's audio-based tools into Faceware.

"FacePro is an ideal complement to Image Metrics' Faceware facial animation technology," said Stafford.

"I am excited to blend FacePro's cost effective solution into the high-quality Image Metrics facial animation solution. Together, we can provide our customers with the comprehensive solution they have been asking for."

FacePro's services include automated lip-syncing technology and phoneme recognition audio analysis, technology which Image Metrics hopes to integrate with its own Faceware animation system to improve efficiency and reduce costs. The combined process is expected to be able to produce facial animation for as little as $12 (£7.56) per second.

FacePro's current clients include Activision, Ubisoft, THQ and Square Enix.

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