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IGDA Unreal Engine 3 Worldwide Level Design Contest

Cash prizes on offer to top modders.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009--- Fort Lauderdale, FL---GameRecruiter announced today the launch of the IGDA Unreal Engine 3 Worldwide Level Design Contest, a first-time level design mod competition that is open to all IGDA members, students and game industry professionals in the U.S. Rules and contest submissions guidelines are available at www.igda.gamerecruiter.com/.

Co-sponsored by Epic Games, Intel, GameRecruiter and Blink Style, this IGDA-hosted competition is partnered with the $1 Million Intel Make Something Unreal Contest. By entering the IGDA Unreal Engine 3 Worldwide Level Design Contest, competitors are automatically entered into $1 Million Intel Make Something Unreal Contest , and therefore eligible to win those prizes, along with prizes provided specifically for the IGDA Unreal 3 Level Design Contest. This includes cash prizes from $10,000 to $50,000 for Best Game Mod, as well as autographed posters, comic books and art books.

Epic Games is providing complimentary copies of Unreal Tournament 3 to all contestants who register for the contest. Contestants will utilize their personal copy of Unreal Tournament 3 as their level editor and will enter their level design modifications in any of four the contest categories utilizing original content or existing assets from the packages within UT3. Final level design mods should be submitted no later than Monday, October 5. Final review and response will be provided to all contest participants by Saturday, October 25.

“This mod contest has been developed to help mod makers get professional status. Nearly half of the people who work on Epic Games' development team were former mod-makers,” says Mark Rein, Vice President of Epic Games. Adds Marc Mencher, CEO of GameRecruiter and Board Chair of the IGDA South Florida chapter, “The contest represents another great way that IGDA helps game industry professionals broaden their experience. There will be more events like these, as we partner with other game industry entities.”

Joshua Caulfield, Executive Director of IGDA, says “This contest helps young developers get into the games business, and encourages them to sign up for IGDA annual memberships to receive similar opportunities in the future. This is also a way to promote community, professional development, and advocacy for our industry.”

Contest submissions for IGDA Unreal Engine 3 Worldwide Level Design Contest will focus on Level Design Mod categories, including Best Capture the Flag game, Best Warfare level, Best Vehicle Capture the Flag game, and Best Deathmatch game. The best levels will combine great game play with strong visuals and good performance.

Rules and contest submissions guidelines for the IGDA Unreal Engine 3 Worldwide Level Design Contest are available at: http://igda.gamerecruiter.com/. Entry to the contest is free.

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