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Huminah Huminah Studios representation

Halifax-based developer signs with FOG Studios.

Philadelphia, Pa – June 19, 2008 – Halifax-based game development and animation studio Huminah Huminah Studios has signed an exclusive five year representation deal with the top flight business management firm FOG Studios.

Huminah Huminah Studios is no stranger to the world of game development having previously worked on a number of outsourced development projects for various customers. To date, Huminah’s most prominent work has been in providing animated content for some of the world’s leading broadcasters and production companies including FOX, MTV and Nickelodeon, amongst others. In response to increased demand for its game development services, Huminah Huminah has opted to create Huminah Huminah Interactive – a subsidiary of Huminah Huminah Studios proper focused exclusively on the gaming industry.

Huminah Huminah Interactive will be providing a full suite of game development services ranging from pre-rendered cinematics through full scale development, and will also be a platform for launching the company’s original intellectual properties into market as well.

Huminah Huminah Studios’ executive producer Adam Mimnagh had this to say about working with FOG, “Moving into the game development side of things has always been in the cards for us. We’ve worked on a number of development projects in a work for hire capacity in the past but now it’s time to bring things up to the next level. Huminah Huminah Interactive is our way of saying ‘We’re serious about video games’ to the rest of the industry. I’ve always believed that we could be a one stop media shop and it’s very exciting to us taking huge steps in that direction. FOG is clearly the market leader in their field, and we believe this relationship between our companies underscores our commitment to developing interactive entertainment for the global marketplace. ”

Mimnagh continued, “In recent years Canada has become more and more attractive to both publishers and developers within the interactive industry. Various tax credits and government subsidies have caused many companies in the industry to open expansion offices throughout Canada. And naturally, these same benefits provide a competitive edge in pricing to indigenous developers like ourselves without sacrificing our ability to draw upon a pool of highly educated and skilled job candidates.”

FOG CEO Ed Dille added, “Most of the media exposure to date on the expansion of the interactive entertainment industry in Canada has been focused on British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec, because these provinces have successfully attracted expansion offices of major publishers like Electronic Arts and Ubisoft. What most people fail to realize, however, is that Publishers don’t expand in areas where there already isn’t a good base of indigenous game development studios. Development studios are the bait fish that support the needs of the big fish long term, so they are a necessary ingredient in the eco-system. Atlantic Canada and Alberta are waking up to this fact, and beginning to cultivate the environment to both retain and expand developers like Huminah Huminah, and also attract existing established development studios to open expansion offices in those provinces. We based one of our own offices in New Brunswick some four years ago, and I can personally atte st to the quality of the work force in the region. What the region needs is more success stories, and FOG has high hopes that this relationship with Huminah Huminah will be one of many such success stories in the years to come.”

As always FOG Studios will be showcasing Huminah Huminah Studios and the rest of its client roster on the upcoming tradeshow circuit including CGA Seattle, the E3 Media and Business Summit and Games Convention Leipzig. To set a meeting time for any upcoming events, please contact FOG’s Logistics Manager, Christine Freeman, via christifreeman@fogstudios.com or at 215-595-7160. For immediate assistance, you may also contact Adam Spencer, adamspencer@fogstudios.com or 506-459-5604.

About Huminah Huminah Studios

Huminah Huminah Animation is a leading Canadian service studio and independent creator of broadcast and interactive entertainment, with content that has been produced for platforms that include, TV, internet, Xbox 360, Wii, and NintendoDS. Adam Mimnagh, the company's founder and CEO is the creator and executive producer of all original content and oversees each service project with hands on making sure that our clients and broadcasters requirements are fulfilled by our in-house teams.

Latest productions for broadcast that we've worked on include: Chaotic for 4Kids Entertainment & FOX, Edgar and Ellen for Nickelodeon, and Speed Racer for Lionsgate. Latest clients for interactive new media (games) include: Hasbro, Activision, Nickelodeon, MTV, and Wayforward.

The Huminah Crew consists between 30-35 animators and programmers all working in-house at the Halifax, Nova Scotia location. We also have a small office in Los Angeles which keeps us close to our clients for any "coziness" requirements. All artists working at Huminah come from a traditional animation background and have grown into a variety of positions with include 3d animators/modellers, 3D lighting & rendering, storyboarding for broadcast and for game, in-game cinematic production, and UI design.

At Huminah Huminah Interactive we utilize the latest technologies to bring game ideas to life, building prototypes for further development or complete games ready for the marketplace. Our services offered for Interactive New Media (games) are: Game Design and Technical design document writing. (GDD & TDD) - We can create GDD/TDD that fully outline all game play elements. The completed documents act as maps to take the game idea from concept to a fully featured game prototype, web game, or commercial release.

Programming Services include a variety of languages including Flash (AS2, AS3), Shockwave, Unity, C++, C#, Torque, and other tools.

Game Life-Cycle - Concept design, GDD/TDD, Background layouts, character design and animations, prop designs/breakable/animated props, UI (User Interface design), Q & A, through bug-testing, and launching of the game if required for online release.

About FOG Studios

FOG Studios has been responsible for the creation of over $3 Billion dollars of revenue for its clients and customers via the placement of over 5,600 interactive titles into the international marketplace since 1979. The world’s first and most successful interactive representation agency, FOG exclusively represents independent videogame development studios, brand and intellectual property owners, and service providers to the interactive entertainment industry from around the world. FOG creates opportunity for its exclusive list of clients on all platforms from cellular phones to next generation console games by packaging intellectual property rights with the developers and resources necessary to bring them to market. FOG helps publishers and other potential distributors of the products to make fully-informed decisions expeditiously and with confidence based on the longstanding proven track record of success we have uniquely achieved. Noteworthy gaming franchises created in FOG’s history include, but are not limited to: ESPN, Command & Conquer, Test Drive, Kings Quest, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Castlevania and Warlords. FOG has placed titles with all of the top 10 publishers as well as countless other smaller publishers. FOG's roster of over 550 clients have included, among others: United Media, BMI, Ubisoft, Atari, Sierra, Westwood Studios, Sega, Paramount, Viacom, Robert Maxwell, Koei, FROM Software, Platinum Studios, ESPN, CBS Sportsline, the US Army Rangers, the Foreign Legion, Jenga, Arthur C. Clark, Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, The Three Stooges (Estate), Warner Brothers, Marvel, America On-Line, Yahoo, Ebay, Ringling Brothers Barnum and Baily Circus, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. For more information please visit www.fogstudios.com or call 506-459-5604.

Contact: Adam Spencer



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