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Hug a Zombie Day

Resident Evil 5 reviewed in song.

Monday 18/05/2009


Rebecca Mayes kicks off Hug a Zombie day with her brand new RE5 review song 'Don't Shoot Them'. So link arms, sing a song, maybe even design a poster - however you do it take a moment to remember Zombies today.

The young songstress, who has graced the pages of both the Official Playstation Magazine and NGamer, was keen to speak up for our less fortunate zombified friends. Not everyone has the opportunities we have - education, culture and a loving home. One minute you're trying to make ends meet, the next you're the brain eating spawn of the undead.

So let's take a minute's silence to remember the friends, family and lovers of those fallen Zombies. And if you happen to see one today, at work, home or play, remember - hug them, don't shoot them.

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