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Horrible Histories: Ruthless Romans

Slitherine's gladiator game for youngsters signed by Graffiti Entertainment for the States.


Graffiti Entertainment Inc - a subsidiary of Signature Devices, Inc. (OTCPK: SDVI) - today announced that it has secured an exclusive distribution deal to publish ‘Horrible Histories: Ruthless Romans (Wii™, Nintendo DS™, PC)’ in North America. Developed by Slitherine.

Horrible Histories: Ruthless Romans is based on the popular Horrible Histories series of educational books for children authored by Terry Deary. Follow Rassimus on his quest to become a gruesome gladiator. Explore ancient Rome and meet a host of horrible characters, play mad mini-games and find out how to fight like a gladiator. Fight your way to the greatest duel of all in the cruel Coliseum and become Rome’s latest hero!

Do you have what it takes to become the most ruthless Roman of all?

The game is comprised of a series of mini-games framed by a storyline about a young boy who was captured and forced into slavery by a powerful general. In order to gain his freedom, the boy (Rassimus) must train to be a top Gladiator. Players control Rassimus as he travels around Rome completing various tasks and learning about the (often horrible) history of ancient Rome.

As part of the gladiator training, players are quizzed on the facts they learn from various books located throughout the city. Other mini-games include memory, matching, coloring games, “spot-the-difference” tests, and timed button-mashing sequences. The game boasts 30+ different mini-games as the player battles their way to become the greatest gladiator of all time. All of this is done with an emphasis on teaching the history of this ancient culture without removing the sometimes dark, gritty, and sordid details (in other words, the really interesting parts).


Play with up to 3 friends in multi-player mode.

Learn ancient history in a fun and enjoyable way.

30+ fun and addictive mini-games.

Fight against the various types of gladiators in the arenas and become an expert gladiator before challenging the most powerful gladiator of all in a chance to earn your freedom.

Immersive story line: visit ancient Rome, talk to the citizens and discover the secrets of how people lived in the time of Emperor Commodus.

Horrible Histories: Ruthless Romans (Wii™, Nintendo DS™, PC) will be released in Q4 2009.

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Source: Signature Devices, Inc.

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