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Hori VLX

The Hori Real Arcade Pro Premium VLX is as close as you can get to replicating the arcade experience at home without having an actual arcade cabinet. Available on either console, the VLX is one of the most stunning pieces of equipment available to any arcade fan.

Whether you are after a PS3 or Xbox Joystick, the Hori VLX offers a design based on the Taito Vewlix arcade cabinets for an authentic arcade experience. With genuine Sanwa arcade parts and an extra large base for stability and weight, the Hori VLX joysticks are aimed at the true arcade and fighting game enthusiasts. It also has a unique feature that allows the front panel to be removed similarly to actual arcade machines, so the Hori VLX lets you easily access the internal components and easily modify and customise the stick.

Available in Japan and recently released in the US, GamingZap.com are now taking pre-orders to bring them into the UK due to massive demand. Stocks will be extremely limited for these highly prized joysticks so be sure to place a preorder to secure yours now!

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