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Interactive Entertainment Industry promoted to brands and agencies as dynamic new marketing channel

Friday 28 January 2005/... After a stellar first 18 months, creative brand agency Hive Partners is aiming to cement its position as leading interactive branded content specialist, with its first brochure hitting the desks of every major brand manager and planning agency this week.

Produced by design agency Clinic and featuring an interactive retrospective of videogames licensed from The Sunday Times 'The Month' CD, the communication focuses on the unique and powerful opportunities the videogame sector affords brands looking to target and engage valuable consumer demographics through dynamic new non-traditional channels.

The brochure also offers a sneak peek at Hive's exciting new 'Trigger' research and strategy service, as well as featuring a host of market statistics from Screen Digest and GameVision, further reinforcing the company's focus on long-term quantifiable results and sector growth.

"Regardless of the raw scale and penetration of the industry, and despite the increasingly varied and valuable profile of 'gamers', videogames as a medium are still misunderstood and undervalued by many of its consumer-facing contemporaries," said Hive Partners CEO Ed Bartlett.

"Our aim with this piece is to educate and empower complete newcomers to the sector while remaining interesting and thought-provoking for those who have already declared a cautious intent to explore the opportunities further." he added.

"It initially proved difficult to try to adequately illustrate through words and statistics alone just how far the industry has come to people who have barely experienced Pac-Man and Space Invaders, but the fantastic Retrospective of Videogames piece not only helps to exemplify the incredible story so far, it also allows the end user to watch (and occasionally play) some of the most important games ever made, right up to the present day!"

Having already reached millions of consumers via dynamic product integrations in mainstream videogame titles and developed marketing strategy plans for some of the world's leading consumer brands, Hive Partners already boasts an impressive list of publisher, brand and media clients with opportunities reaching into 2006 and beyond.

To request a brochure please email brochure@hivepartners.com or call +44 (0)117 9625626

Hive works with leading interactive entertainment PR agency Barrington Harvey


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