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Highbury gets GAME mag contract

Highbury House Communications has struck a deal with The Game Group to publish the official GAME Magazine, after severing ties the retailer had with Future Plus, the contract-publishing arm of Future Publishing, based in Bath.

The deal with Future was said to be a short-term agreement before business was switched to Highbury House, which now allows publication of the videogames magazine to come out at least four times a year instead of the previous three. The first issue to be produced by Highbury Entertainment will be sold in shops next month.

'This is a significant magazine initiative for Highbury," said managing director of Highbury Entertainment, Mike Frey. "It will allow games publishers to communicate with gamers at the point of purchase, and will be a highly influential official magazine in terms of converting readers into purchasers."

GAME Magazine was launched in March, for UKP 1.99. Its original print run was 59,000, but soon found its circulation leaping to 200,000.