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Hey... don’t be misunderstood! Learn to TalkMan™

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Willkommen nach TalkManTM. Welcome to TalkManTM. Bienvenue à TalkManTM. Benvenuti a TalkmanTM. Bienvenido a TalkManTM. TalkManTM

* TalkMan is PSP's multilingual interactive phrase book & language tutor

  • Make new friends, break down barriers, promote world peace
  • ...and travel with a multilingual bird called Max!

Thanks to TalkManTM - and a large blue multilingual bird called Max - PSPTM (PlayStation®Portable) is on a mission to break the ice and tear down those barriers that keep nationalities apart. Bring the art of language to your gestures, put words behind the shrugs, turn Spanglish into perfecto Espanol, make the move on the girl or guy in that foreign bar who catches your eye - in short, become a jetsetter able to communicate in six languages with more than 3000 crucial phrases at your fingertips.

Following the recent success of the Asian version in Japan and Korea, Talkman is coming to Europe and Australasia this spring on PSP, courtesy of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. TalkMan is the portable language entertainment tool and interactive phrasebook that makes sure you are ready to talk - wherever you are - and comes packed with the phrases that count in six languages: French; English; German; Spanish; Italian and, of course, Japanese!

Using TalkMan is simple. All you need is a PSP, one TalkMan UMDTM (containing all six languages) and the special microphone which comes bundled with Talkman. TalkMan is hosted by Max [pictured above], the friendly on-screen language guru who is there to help you along, to make the introduction to your new found foreign friends and to provide you with essential language tutorials:

Step 1: Select where you are

Choose the language you want and the scenario that best fits - there are 28 to choose from including hotel foyer, restaurant, nightclub and ski slope

Step 2:Decide what you want to say

It's important for conversation... Make use of Talkman's voice recognition technology by talking into the microphone - or just select a stock phrase from a drop-down list

Step 3: Get ready to speak in foreign tongues

Max translates the phrase into the language of your choice and will even include different emotion levels for comic effect.

Step 4: Interact!

Hold up the PSP to show Max repeating the foreign phrase fluently and impress your audience - or, if you're feeling brave, listen carefully and repeat the phrase yourself.

Step 5: Let the audience respond...

Questions have possible answers pre-selected, but your audience can also initiate conversation of their own. With the ability to reverse languages instantly, it couldn't be simpler.


In addition to the six-language Talk Mode, Max also presents two games modes ideal for perfecting your accent and improving your understanding. The Pronunciation Game sees Max don his mortar board to challenge you to imitate the pronunciation of essential phrases whilst the Listening Game challenges you to listen to the phrase and then identify the right translation. Perfect for pre-voyage language practice!

The phrasebook is backed by a series of useful functions. Voice Memo function allows you to record and playback other people's voices from hotel addresses to the names of star attractions. The Unit Converter ensures the deal is always fair whilst an Alarm Mode wakes you with a phrase in the language of your choice and can only be cancelled by identifying the right translation! Finally, in a world without barriers, the Friend Map allows you to record a new friend's fine words and save them onto a world map creating the world's first audio scrap book!

TalkMan is due to release this May - in time for the football! If you are new to the world of PSP please contact your local press officer for a demonstration of TalkMan and to explore the power of PSP for watching films, listening to your favourite tunes, looking at travel snaps or playing games. It's a great travel companion.

So don't forget that whether you are a business person or a back packer, a footie fan or a holiday maker, the world is a lovely place if you can just TalkMan....


For further information please contact:

Jennie Kong (jennie_kong@scee.net)

PR Manager

Tel: 020 7911 8176 Fax: 020 7734 4926

Sony Computer Entertainment UK Ltd

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