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Hero's Path Games, A Web-Portal For Heroic Games Reaches Milestone

Winnipeg, MB, May 12, 2007 - Promaginy is pleased to announce that Hero's Path Games, its web-portal has reached a milestone of 30 downloadable, high-quality games. For the first time, a large collection of Independently Developed PC Games for the Fantasy & Heroic game lover are available at www.HeroPath.com.

Hero's Path Games has provided customers a one-stop shop of games that encompass the classic heroic journey. The selection of games has been expanded and follow the three general stages of the hero's path.

Action & Tactical games are found in Stage 1 of the Hero's Path: Call to Action. All heroes are spurred into action because they are forced to. These games force the Hero to think fast and to act smart.

Adventure & Roleplaying games are found in Stage 2 of the Hero's Path: A Heroic Journey. Following the elimination of the threat, the Hero must set out on a dangerous and exciting journey to discover himself and the surrounding world around him.

Strategy & 4X games are found in Stage 3 of the Hero's Path: Return as Ruler. Knowing who he is and what dangers lurk in the surround lands, the Hero returns to his home and begins his reign as ruler of the kingdom.

Customers continue to benefit from a try-before-you-buy distribution system. When they enjoy a game enough, they can purchase the game online in a convenient and secure fashion.

Promaginy is an IP and game production company whose first product is scheduled to be released in 2007. For further information, contact Chris Billows at 204-798-7523.


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