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Heroes over Europe

A multiplayer Q&A we've heroically copied and pasted.

1) Heroes Over Europe Multiplayer offers 4 different modes: Dogfight, Team Dogfight, Survivor and Team Survivor… What are the main differences between those four?

Heroes Over Europe has four different multiplayer modes: Dogfight, Team Dogfight, Survivor and Team Survivor. Each of the multiplayer modes is presented with normal and team options, so players can play a simple dogfight game against all other players or the sixteen players can split into two teams to fight it out. Survivor mode is a last-man-standing mode, where the planes don't respawn during each of the game's rounds. This leads to totally different strategies, especially in team games, as players fight to stay alive rather than just going for kills at all costs.

2) How many maps will be playable online?

Heroes Over Europe has four multiplayer maps, each of which represents a different area of the game. The French Alps map has the snow and cloud-covered mountain peaks which are both cover and obstacles at the same time. The London map takes the battle to the skies above London as the afternoon sunlight glints off rooftops. The Berlin map is a night-fight, with the dark sky pierced by the beams of searchlights. Finally, the Dover map takes the fight to the green fields of the Dover coastline with added aerial obstacles: barrage balloons.

3) Will the player be rewarded with experience through online dogfights?

When playing only, experienced multiplayer pilots gain several achievements/trophies for earning a specific number of kills, Super Ace for 50 kills and Ultimate Ace for 250 online kills. When you earn these achievements, you are also rewarded with special Squad Leader HUD indicators that other players can see. Players who've earned these indicators are dangerous should be treated with respect, so watch out!

4) In the video we see that the players will have to choose their planes gathered in different packs (Pilot Pack, Veterans Pack, Speed Pack…). Could you give us details on these packs and how they will enable to create different games on a same map?

Heroes Over Europe has a number of plane packs that are chosen for each battle. The plane packs are: Rookie, Pilot, Veterans RAF, Veteran USAAF, Speed Pack, Rocket Pack 1 and Rocket Pack 2. Each of the plane packs has a selection of six pre-balanced planes that offer the player different strategies for their online battles. The Rookie pack has the slowest and weakest planes, like the Swordfish, Tomahawk, Hurricane, and Stuka. The Veteran packs have a selection of powerful planes from either the RAF or the USAAF. For the RAF pack it's the Spitfire, Tempest, Hurricane, Mosquito, Me 109 and Fw 190. The USAAF version of the Veteran plane pack has the Fw 190, Black Widow, Mustang, Lightning, Thunderbolt and the Me 109. The Rocket pack has planes that have rockets (duh), including the Tempest, Typhoon, Lightning, Mustang, Thunderbolt, and Me 109.

In addition to the plane packs, there are a number of modifiers that can be used to customise the online battles (outside of the usual kill and time limits), these modifiers include: Weapon Damage Multiplier, Health Multiplier, Unlimited War Speed, Unlimited Primary Ammo, Unlimited Secondary Ammo and Lead Target Bead Visibility.


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