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Hello Kitty Online

Guild-based event created to help with the disaster relief efforts in Haiti.

Hello Kitty Online ( www.hellokittyonline.com) fans get ready, because Food for Friends 2 starts January 21, 2010! This event lets Guilds compete for big Loyalty Point prizes, which you can use to buy cool stuff from the Item Mall! What's more, players from select regions who participate in Food for Friends 2 will automatically generate real money donations to help disaster relief efforts in Haiti. As you know, Haiti was devastated by an earthquake on January 12, 2010 and help is sorely needed. Keep reading to see if/how your in-game efforts can result in a real-world donation, or go talk to Cinnamoroll in London on January 21!

How it works

This Guild-based event takes place January 21-30, 2010. Talk to Cinnamoroll in London to get started. You must be a member of a Guild to participate in this event. Cinnamoroll needs you to give him certain crafted consumable items that he is going to donate to the hungry. Every item you donate has a donation points value. Cinnamoroll will let you know what items he needs, and will collect your items as well as tell you your Guild's current point standing.

Cinnamoroll is collecting 25 different types of food items in total. Each type of item has a donation value, in points. The donation values of the items change every day according to the previous day's contributions. If a lot of people donated sandwiches today, then tomorrow sandwiches will be worth fewer donation points. Check with Cinnamoroll in London to find out more!


At the end of the event, all participants in Food for Friends 2 will be rewarded with a sum of Loyalty Points based on the total donation value of the items their Guilds contributed. Additionally, the three Guilds with the highest donation scores will win massive amounts of Loyalty Points. Check your region's HKO announcements for more details on Food for Friends 2!


The total donation points accumulated by players in HKO North America, Europe, Singapore, and Malaysia will be used to calculate a real-world donation to Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres) for aid efforts to the Haiti earthquake victims. This donation is sponsored by Sanrio Digital (the developer and owner of HKO), Aeria Games (publisher of HKO North America), Burda:ic GmbH (publisher of HKO Europe), and Oriented Games (publisher of HKO Malaysia & Singapore).

The efforts of players from all other regions will not count towards charity, but players will still be able to participate in the event and enjoy the same great prizes.

Stay tuned for more event announcements in your region. This is a rare opportunity to grow your Guild and cooperate with friends and Guild members to win Loyalty Points!

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