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Devilish 2D platformer gets an update and a free version.

JUSTNINE has just unleashed more hell on earth with an updated version of their popular game, HellKid, for Apple iPhone™ and Apple iPod touch®, and on popular demand the developer has also made available a FREE version of the game.

To the uninformed, HellKid features Devi the devil, a little red-hot monster from hell determined to become human because of his fascination and interest in humanity (good grief!). On the surface, HellKid is a conventional 2D side-scrolling platform game where your objective is to collect enough human souls to escape from hell, but HellKid also includes a lot of added twists and features.

The updated version of HellKid (v1.1.0) now available from the App Store features among other additions a brand new and hellishly hard mode called the “Valley Of Bones” – a mode that only becomes unlocked if you have successfully collected 40,000 blue souls elsewhere in the game. If the name itself is not enough to scare the heck out of you, perhaps its complexity is! To escape the “Valley Of Bones” Devi must overcome his hardest challenge yet as it’s impossible to complete this part of the game without extensive use of his hook because the mode has zero to none ground-level! The updated version also adds the option to play a new character, Astaroth, who becomes unlocked if you successfully collect 20,000 or more golden souls. Other new features in the updated version include the ability to compare your brilliant score against your friends score on Facebook.

The FREE version of HellKid is available from the App Store here:


The Updated (v1.1.0) version of HellKid is available from the App Store here:


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