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Hellion: Mystery of the Inquisition

"Extraordinary" FPS to be shown off next month in Lyon.

Frankfurt, Germany, November 27th 2009

From December 08th to 10th Flying Fish Works presenting their upcoming product “Hellion: Mystery of the Inquisition” at the Game Connection in Lyon. For the first time the audience will have the opportunity to immerse into an authentic and terrifying medieval world and to be at war with the evil brute. “Hellion: Mystery of the inquisition” is in development for XBOX360, PS3 and PC and is targeted to hit the shelves in Q3 2010.

In the playable demo the gamer will escort the hero, Godric of Glastonbury, on his journey to a Cistercian abbey in the medieval England. Beginning with a chase after a particular book about pagan sects, unpredictable occurrences will sudden turn the action into a dramatic battle and present a fascinating plot.

“For the first time we will present our hero´s extraordinary skill – the exorcism. In “Hellion” the exorcism is a unique upgradeable and storytelling instrument. It is a real main feature as gamer will use this tool continuously in various ways for – attacking, protecting and supporting. It is not comparable to some kind of simple magic in fact it is a powerful talent our hero is blessed with.” Maciej Kowalski, Producer at Flying Fish Works, commentate on the attendance in Lyon.

“Hellion: Mystery of the inquisition” is an extraordinary First-Person-Shooter set in the 13th century. As an armed man of the newborn Inquisition, the player will battle heretics, execute exorcisms, face demons and unintentionally become part of a political and religious intrigue. It is an epic journey through different medieval cultures full of real-life characters, wild animals, rough warriors, powerful Templar knights, deadly assassins and, ultimately, horrifying demons.

Find out more about “Hellion: Mystery of the inquisition” on the official website: www.hellion-game.com

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