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Hearts of Iron III

In-game footage hopes to win your heart.

NEW YORK – April 9th 2009 - Paradox Interactive have released in game footage for Hearts of Iron III, the long awaited third instalment of the World War II Strategy series set for release towards the end of 2009.

The video footage is showcasing France 1939, the war has begun and the French troops are massing on its eastern frontier preparing to repel the inevitable German invasion.

However France does have diplomatic options to strengthen its defences. Buying production licences can allow the French army access to better equipment or perhaps transfer troops to allied command for joint operations could improve the position. Diplomacy is just another continuation of politics.

Click here to view the in game footage:


Hearts of Iron III is now the Beta stage of development. These last months has seen the team stabilizing the foundations of the AI, tightening up the rules and mechanics of the game, along with implementing brand new artwork and interface features.

With the Beta crew now in place the testing has already started and Hearts of Iron III is scheduled for release during the latter half of 2009.

The third instalment in the critically acclaimed World War II strategy series, Hearts of Iron III will feature a plethora of brand new features to satisfy veteran and novice players alike, including a huge game map with more than 14,000 land and sea provinces.

Hearts of Iron III is scheduled for release in Q3.

A game presentation from earlier this year is available here:


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