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Haypi Kingdom

PVP and win prizes!

Players of Haypi Kingdom - a new massively multiplayer online game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad - get ready for the upcoming PVP server competition where an iPad and other prizes will be awarded every 15 days. The game offered by Haypi Inc., an innovative developer and publisher of entertainment software, is described as most addictive because it was created in accordance with the company's aspirations to provide gripping and fascinating products.

Given popularity of the game and ever-growing number of its fans the competition is expected to be a tense struggle and the prizes are worth fighting for. Though the victory requires preparation and extensive knowledge of game tricks and strategies it does not scare off award-contenders. It is so because iPhone and iPod have been in need of a good MMOG for quite a long time, and now this thirst for adventure can be quenched while playing Haypi Kingdom characterized by elaborate strategy systems, dynamics and wide variety of tasks, in-game chats and great administrative support.

Assuming roles of strategists, leaders, negotiators and entrepreneurs who live in the ancient world players strive to make their kingdom prosperous, strong and well-protected. Therefore the same traits of character must be demonstrated in the game as in daily life: business acumen, sociability, diligence and courage.

The game is hailed a huge success because in the modern industrial world everyone wants to be a hero and accomplish some noble feat. Dreams can be fulfilled in the virtual world of the Haypi Kingdom where gamers gear up their own army and wage wars, attack and repel enemy attacks, form alliances and contribute to the welfare kingdom. Driven by a desire to progress, players hit the highest levels of production, sell as many goods as possible and create innovative technology.

One of the main features offered by the developers of Haypi Kingdom is that its server can support unlimited number of players so that it becomes more interesting to chat, collaborate, compete and interact. The game is also supported by Facebook where players can meet new allies and explore a winning strategy.

The tutorial provided by Haypi Inc. will help fulfill any noble task but if there are still any questions left administrators will be most attentive and willing to help. Given all these advantages it's even more surprising that the game is available for free to users of the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

About Haypi Inc.

Haypi Inc. has become a champion software producer due to its commitment to a main core principle: "Never give up until the most entertaining product has been created".


Product page: http://www.haypi.com

Download link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/haypi-kingdom/id341043140?mt=8

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Contact information

Contact: Thomas Williams

Company: Haypi Inc.

Title: Chief Executive Officer

E-mail: support@haypi.com

Msn: C901rgang@hotmail.com

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