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Hansoft releases 5.1 with QA and Agile improvements

Hansoft, the leading vendor of tools for project management and QA in the game development industry today announced that the new 5.1 release has been successfully rolled out.

Hansoft 5.1 comes with many improvements across the whole solution. Teams using a task scheduling approach and/or an Agile workflow will benefit from the new release. The most significant updates are however found in the Agile and QA functionality.

"With Hansoft 5.1 Agile teams can choose to view the product backlog in three different ways depending on situation and preference. The new wall view is pretty stunning but not for the ones easily prone to motion sickness. We have also improved the fast and easy QA functionality to satisfy the needs of larger studios and publishers. They will now find more advanced bug workflow settings and detailed access and restriction rules," says Patric Palm, CEO, Hansoft.

The multi view product backlog allows Agile teams to work with the backlog in three different ways:

- Items in a hierarchy. Create and structure items in a hierarchy. By delegating parts of the backlog team members and externals can participate as well.

- Items on a wall. Analyse, create and work with items in alternative ways by arranging them on a virtual wall.

- Items sorted/prioritised. Prioritise and sort items in this view before moving them from the backlog to a sprint/iteration.

In addition to the bug workflow improvements Hansoft 5.1 also features detailed access and restriction rules. This gives or restricts resources/groups to edit data in columns/fields, deleting bugs, customising workflow, documents and many other parts.

About Hansoft

Hansoft is a production management tool used by a rapidly increasing number of studios in Australia, Europe, Asia and North America for collaborative scheduling, tracking, instant communication, Agile, QA, resource usage, portfolio and document management. The tool builds on principles of team empowerment, increased communication, transparency, and collaboration. Clients are also found within IT, telecom, and the space industry.


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Press Contact

Patric Palm

CEO, Hansoft AB

Tel: +46 18 10 90 90



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