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HandyGames™ launches Space Guerillas

HandyGamesTM will release a new game, Space Guerillas, on July 29th. Space Guerillas is based on an upgraded and enhanced strategy game engine which was used for successful strategy titles like 1805: French Empire. This game now also features different battlefields as well as extended story elements before, during and after each mission.

Space Guerillas is a turn-based Sci-Fi strategy game which sets the player the challenging task of liberating the galaxy from reign of Evil. During the 9 consecutive missions the user has to capture hostile vehicles and machines, beat the enemy at his own vicious game by commanding his robot troops without being detected but first of all think strategically wise. Features like a new and extended storyline, different scenarios and the possibility to fight temporarily with hostile troops make this game different from similar titles.

The player can choose between a single player and multiplayer option. The gold version also features high-resolution graphics and appealing audio effects. The game will be first launched in German, English, Czech, French and Spanish - other languages will follow.


- Thrilling science fiction story with a gripping gameplay

- 3 different battlegrounds (desert, ice, outer space)

- 9 units, each with individual characteristics and features

- Multiplayer scenarios ("Hothand")

- Dynamic Unit System - e. g. fight with the units of the enemy

- Instructions and briefings before, during or after each mission

- Hours of fun

About HandyGamesTM

HandyGamesTM is one of the leading independent developers of mobile games and a pioneer for WAP technology. The company with offices in Giebelstadt (Germany) and Bucharest (Romania) and has its own effective international distribution network.

HandyGamesTM was founded 2000 by the Markus and Christopher Kassulke and Udo Bausewein. The developer has currently more than 40 employees and plans to expand further. The vast and extensive product range is characterized by its high quality and comprises not only downloadable and pre-installed games and applications for mobile phones but also applications for the mobile internet. HandyGamesTM is one of the market leaders in this sector and can draw back on more than five years of development experience. The success of the company is also reflected by long-term co-operations with the leading handset manufacturers and operators as well as by the awards our games have already received.

More info at www.handy-games.com


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