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Hammersuit/Federated Media deal

Marketing agreement inked.

PARAMUS, N.J. - June 12, 2008 Hammersuit, LLC, a consulting and business development company in the video games industry, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Federated Media (FM) to provide conversational marketing expertise and sponsorship coordination for Hammersuit’s partner websites.

With expertise in custom, integrated conversational marketing campaigns, FM will help connect leading advertisers with Hammersuit’s network of gaming websites including Destructoid, GoNintendo, Gamersyde and Modojo. Hammersuit’s deep knowledge of the gaming industry and leading position in gaming media will help drive the expansion of FM’s gaming and interactive entertainment sites.

“The FM team brings an incredible level of digital media and marketing expertise to the table,” said Jill Keil, CEO of Hammersuit. “This expertise coupled with Hammersuit’s deep understanding of the videogame space will translate into significant value for our partner sites.”

Hammersuit’s network of partner websites includes:

• Destructoid: Known for its piercing views on the gaming industry and memorable robot mascot, the Webby-recognized Destructoid.com is the pulse of the hardcore gamer.

• GoNintendo: The most up-to-date source for Nintendo news, period. With an update schedule that continues literally all through the night and on every weekend and holiday, the site has quickly established itself as a hub for Nintendo enthusiasts.

• Gamersyde: Dedicated to covering all news & media related to next-gen gaming, and to providing both official trailers and screenshots as well as exclusive HD gameplay videos.

• Modojo: Launched in January 2005, Modojo is the world’s leading publication devoted to handheld and mobile videogames, covering the space from both consumer and trade perspectives.

“Destructoid, Modojo, Gamersyde and GoNintendo are fabulous additions to the FM family,” said Neil Chase, vice president of author services at Federated Media. “Hammersuit represents the top tier of independent videogame media, and their unique voices and strong communities are a great fit with FM’s conversational media approach. They’re really a great match and we’re proud to have them aboard.”

For more information, please visit www.hammersuit.com and www.federatedmedia.com.

About Hammersuit

Founded in 2003, Hammersuit consults with companies in the video game industry to provide them with editorial planning and production, web production, and business services. In addition, Hammersuit's partner network includes some of the most creative video game coverage on the web, including Destructoid.com, GoNintendo.com, GamerSyde.com, and Modojo.com. Hammersuit is located at www.hammersuit.com.

About Federated Media

At FM, we believe great voices attract great audiences. We're in the business of supporting those voices by connecting them to great marketers, as well as providing a suite of services that let authors focus on what they do best: make compelling media. In so doing, we are creating federations of respected voices that prosper on their own terms. Current federations include Sports, Technology, Automotive, Business & Marketing, Media & Entertainment, Video Gaming, Graphics Arts, News 2.0, Mobile, Lifestyle and Parenting. For more information, please go to http://www.federatedmedia.net/.

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