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Hammerin' Hero

A guide to the game's locations.

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 08, 2008 - Hammerin' Hero™, the upcoming side-scrolling beat 'em up for PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system, is deeper than your typical arcade action title. Over the course of the game, your character will trek through a mixture of highly varied and exceedingly unpredictable stages as he works to pound sense into an evil construction company, its power-hungry magnate, and its many nefarious henchmen. Gen-san will have to use his hammer, his wit, more hammering, his strength, and a heck of a lot more hammering if he wants to liberate his townsfolk. Check out a short description of a handful of the game's twelve levels below:

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Beranme Town: You may feel at home pacing through this small village, what with the construction going on in the background (you do wield a hammer), but it's certainly feeling less and less like home for the hapless citizens of this small town. Hyosuke Kuromoku and his henchmen seem to have some schemes in play, and only you and your hammer can pummel them into submission.

Busy Crosswalk: These city streets are bustling with hurried pedestrians, cars stuck in traffic, and gigantic machines of destruction and doom. Wait, what? Look both ways before crossing the street... There might just be big trouble waiting for you on the other side...

Manly Amusement Park: Bright, cheery, and overrun with vile henchmen, the amusement park is supposed to be a fun place for families to spend time, but not when it's overrun by bad guys. Under such conditions, it's safe to say that the merry-go-round is going to be far less merry.

Oishii Restaurant District: Hungry? Care for a bite to eat? Well, before you stop for a snack, you're going to have to give the baddies who've overrun the local eateries and restaurants a little side of honey-baked HAMMER! How sweet it is!

Turukame TV Studio: Lights, camera, action, more action, even more action... Hey, wait you just broke the lights and the camera! How can your townspeople enjoy some fine television programming if there are henchmen marauding through the sets?

Under Fukie Bay: Anchors away! No, literally, swimming through the ocean, the best weapon against your enemies is actually an anchor. Hey, why not? It's metal, pointy, and hurts like the dickens. Just look out for sharks being ridden by henchmen on saddles.

Grand Slam Stadium: Batter up! Bad guys down! How dare they invade a baseball game? Don't they know it's everyone's favorite pastime? What nerve! When you're talking about taking blows to the head by way of baseball bat, it's one strike and they're out!

Seashell Seashore: My, look at all those happy people, what with their volleyball, surfing, sunbathing and the like. Too bad you're going to have to race through all the festivities on your mission to beat up a whole lot of bad folk. Looks like they'll have to watch out for sunburn and you!

About Hammerin' Hero

Hammerin' Hero marks the triumphant return of Gen, everyone's favorite justice-bringing carpenter! Help Gen fight off Hyosuke Kuromoku and his evil construction company before they can evict Gen's neighbors from their homes! Gen will have to use a variety of jobs-from DJ to baseball player-through 12 diverse stages if he hopes to thwart the all-out attack of the Kurokomu Group and win the hearts of the people, even if it sometimes means giving them the tough love they need to solve their own problems.

Key Features

Wacky side-scrolling beat 'em up - Play as Gen-san as he hammers away at corporate evil across Japan and the world in this vibrant, action-packed platformer. The comic adventure unfolds fully-voiced in English and Japanese.

Be more than a hammerin' hero - Choose from a variety of jobs, including sushi chef, baseball player, and diver, to give Gen different costumes and attacks as he fights through 12 crazy stages. Along the way, make allies in battle, collect loads of items, and even unlock two more playable characters!

Ad-hoc multiplayer - 2 players can play together and compete for the best score on each level over ad-hoc wireless play. Why hammer alone when you can hammer with a friend?

Hammerin' Hero has been rated "E10+" for Everyone 10 and Older with Alcohol and Tobacco Reference, Cartoon Violence, Comic Mischief, and Mild Language by the ESRB.

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