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Groundbreaking Book The Videogame Style Guide and Reference Manual Now Available in Wiki, Print and eBook forms from www.GameStyleGuide.com

Contribute Your Own Updates to 2008 Edition

"A necessary part of moving game journalism, and games, to the next level."

- Dean Takahashi, Author, The Xbox 360 Uncloaked

Atlanta - (July 24, 2007) - In a defining moment for game journalism, P3: Power Play Publishing today announced the availability of The Videogame Style Guide and Reference Manual in three different forms. The first-of-its-kind guide to the videogame industry is now available for sale as a bound book, for download as a FREE PDF eBook and, for the first time ever, for discussion and update as a publicly-accessible Wiki. All three versions are accessible via www.GameStyleGuide.com.

The guide, which has already been distributed to thousands of eager videogame industry and journalism professionals, is now available to the general public in the following standard forms:

· As a professionally-printed and bound paperback ($14.95 + S&H) or hardcover ($24.95 + S&H) book, through online bookseller Lulu.com.

· As a FREE, downloadable eBook, available to all members of the general public at www.GameStyleGuide.com.

But acknowledging the importance of interactive editing and collaborative input in the digital age, P3: Power Play Publishing and the International Game Journalists Association have further decided to make The Video Game Style Guide and Reference Manual available via a freely-accessible Wiki at www.igja.org/guide. The Wiki version supplements the print and eBook editions by allowing the game industry community to actively shape the content of future Style Guide editions by joining together in an ongoing conversation about current videogame journalism issues.

The first volume to definitively catalogue the breathtaking multibillion-dollar game industry from A to Z, The Videogame Style Guide and Reference Manual brings a new gold standard for writers, reporters and others working in today's most exciting entertainment biz. Critics from leading publications ranging from Playboy to Kotaku are already hailing the manuscript as "excellent," "long overdue" and "an essential read for journalists of any level."

Fitting neatly between The AP Stylebook and Wired Style, the book - penned by internationally-acclaimed writers David Thomas, Kyle Orland and Scott Steinberg - is a must-have for working professionals and aspiring authors alike. Featuring hundreds of rules for grammar, spelling, usage, capitalization and abbreviation, plus proven tips and guidelines for producing polished, professional prose about the world's hottest interactive industry, the guide offers veteran and amateur scribes alike everything they need to get started, or just step up their game and includes a foreword by Dan "Shoe" Hsu, editor-in-chief of Electronic Gaming Monthly.

"The Videogame Style Guide and Reference Manual is truly an industry-changing manuscript written by game journalists, for game journalists," said co-author David Thomas. "With the launch of a supporting Wiki, we're pleased to welcome real-time commentary and insight from those most qualified to give it: Game writers all around the globe."

For more info, see: www.GameStyleGuide.com

About the IGJA

The International Game Journalists Association provides community resources, professional services and ongoing education to all members of the media who cover videogames. With the goal of improving the quality and professionalism of game journalism around the globe, the IGJA supports a variety of initiatives from hands-on training to formal events, social gatherings and roundtable discussions designed to help its members, and the journalistic community at large. The organization also provides sourcing services for media outlets seeking experts in the field of game journalism.

For more info see: www.igja.org

About the authors

David Thomas is a 20-year newspaper veteran and educator specializing in arts and technology criticism. For the past decade, he's covered games for The Denver Post. The founder of the IGJA, his gaming column is syndicated through King Features. He also teaches the history of digital media, critical videogame theory and other gaming/media-related classes for the University of Colorado.

Kyle Orland first started covering games when he founded fansite Super Mario Bros. HQ in 1997. Since then, he's written for numerous publications including Electronic Gaming Monthly, GameSpot, The Escapist, Next Generation and Joystiq.

Scott Steinberg is the author of Videogame Marketing and PR, and managing director of game industry advisory Embassy Multimedia Consultants. He's also gaming's most prolific penman, having covered the topic for 300+ outlets from CNN to the LA/NY Times, Playboy, Rolling Stone, and TV Guide.

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