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Gridrunner Revolution

Jeff Minter's latest psychedelic creation now available.

Llamasoft has released its latest PC game, the much anticipated "Gridrunner Revolution", to considerable user acclaim. People are saying that this is Llamasoft's best game ever.

The first Llamasoft "Gridrunner" game was released in 1982. Today's "Gridrunner Revolution" reflects Llamasoft's 27 years of game design experience, and provides a gaming experience which is distinctive, exhilarating, challenging and unique. Players can see how far the game has evolved - the original 1982 Commodore games are available as unlockable extras inside the game.

Gridrunner Revolution combines beautiful procedural graphics with satisfying and approachable shooting gameplay. Remarkable further depth of gameplay unfolds as the player learns unique scoring methods such as "bullet calligraphy" and the "Sheepie Save".

The game is available for download from Llamasoft's site at


The download provides a free demo which is upgradable to the full version for the price of $20 (or local equivalent).

For a limited time a special bundle is available in which users can purchase both the new Gridrunner Revoluion and Space Giraffe PC (93% "Must Buy" rated by PC Gamer) for the low, low price of just $25 (or local equivalent) for both games.

More Gridrunner Revolution information and resources available here:


including screenshots, gameplay videos and more. Reviewers who do not yet have review code should contact us at


Initial reactions to the game have been very good, and it's clear that users everywhere are finding the game very playable and accessible. Here are some samples of what people are saying about the game.

"Really enjoying this, it's kind of hypnotic, relaxing and challenging all at the same time. Now I easily get frustrated with games these days, but have yet to feel any irritation with the game. Time just flies by when you're playing as it's so absorbing."

"Brilliant stuff guys! Hope it picks up and earns you some beer money.

...Why do I fancy a curry right now?"

"Not only are his games always spectacular fun, and works of art in their own right, but his very existence enriches the world. He makes the world a stranger, and slightly muskier, place."

(I think that is the best thing anyone has ever said about me, EVER }:-D)

"Playing Gridrunner Revolution I feel fully-hatted as a being". - Elron Cupboard

"You guys have created a killer. It has a strangely biological look, as if I'm viewing flourescent creatures through a microscope. Thanks, Llamasoft, for making somehting I didn't even realise I wanted to play yet desperately did."

"Oh man, it's utterly lovely. Really great work guys! I love how it feels so futuristic and yet totally "gridrunner" at the same time. "

"Finished Korma mode at about 3.570.000 and I think my brain has imploded. Beautiful on all accounts and a real digital drug too."

"Just done level 30 on Madras. I'm looking at this browser now, and all I can see are spots. Also I keep trying to shoot things with my mouse. Is that normal?"

"Love the way you have balanced it so it's an easy "pick up and play" yet there is so much depth there to try and master it. Don't want to sound like a fanboy, but seriously, this is an epic Yak. Thanks SO much mate!! All the time and effort was WELL worth the time."

"You guys deserve the praise, the game really did turn out incredible. I'm a huge fan of visualizer style crazy trippy stuff, and llamasoft games can do that like no other likely ever will. Plus....the gameplay, the gameplay is always great."

"I think this may be my new favorite Llamasoft game... As someone who never really "got" Space Giraffe (I enjoyed it enough but I was terrible at it and it just never clicked with me), I'm glad that this one seems so damn natural to me. Anyhow, awesome, awesome game."

"Just installed onto my gaming rig and had a first play.

Fucking. Awesome.

It's a big tasty sandwich with a filling consisting of:


Galaga '88

Mad Planets

It's has a generous drizzling of lovely rainbow sauce

All wrapped up in a fluffy sheepie bread cuddle.

Smooth as glass motion."

"The visuals and the gameplay are ... sublime, it really is a thing of utter beauty and joy, absolutely joy. I've just had a couple of quick plays with it and ... I sat there playing it with a smile on my face, and you don't get that with other games, or at least I certainly don't. It almost feels like you're playing with fireworks, the visuals are mesmorising, utterly beautiful and it is a joy to watch your bullets arc around the sun. It is honestly the most beautiful game I have ever seen or played. It finally feels like I get what you guys have been about, with your visualisers, VLM, etc. I didn't get it before, didn't understand your obsession, but now I do."

"For what it's worth, i reckon this is easily your most moreish title yet, it all jusk clicks together nicely :)"

"EVERYONE BUY THIS GAME NOW! What perfect timing for a day off."

"I just wanted to update and say that I'm totally addicted to this game. There is nothing better than turning off the lights at night, turning up the volume and elevating my heart rate while playing through a few levels. Very good stuff."

"This is without question, my favourite Llamasoft game.

Not so much bullet hell, more bull-it heaven."

"It feels as if you took all the llamasoft software ever -both games & lightsynths- and distilled them into a fine pure essence."

"just played for a couple of hours - the videos don't do this game justice at all. you have completely nailed playability with this one, finally the full yak experience for people who aren't hardcore gamers! i have a feeling people will be discovering this game for years to come, it's just such an incredibly pleasant experience. in all i'm about one third of the way through and i haven't been irritated once, just bowled over by the intense visuals, the delicious feeling of causing lots of explosions, and that rare sense of lockstep with the increasing levels of difficulty. this game knows when i'm ready to ramp up and does its best to ensure i enjoy every cent of my 20 dollars worth on the way. congratulations on completely and utterly nailing it!"



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