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Gravity Crash

Just Add Water's Thrust-style creation arrives on the PlayStation Store tomorrow.

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"Gravity Crash" PlayStation®3 Release date announcement

Developer: Just Add Water (Developments), ltd.

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

We are extremely proud to announce that the PS3 version of Gravity Crash will launch in 4 days’ time on Tuesday the 24th in Europe and North America, via the PlayStation Store.

The game, inspired by classic shooters such as Gravitar, Thrust and Oids, features old-school 80s retro gameplay, married with high definition for current day love of accessible, user generated content and shiny, explosive graphic effects.

There are also three multi-player modes; race, salvage and deathmatch, along with 5 galaxies to explore in single player mode.

* 35 Single player levels, including hidden and boss levels.

* 12 Multiplayer levels.

* 3 Multiplayer modes.

* Different player ships.

* Special weapons.

* Weapon power-ups.

* 20 devious Trophies.

* Leaderboards.

* Over 200 editor items.

Gravity Crash will be available priced as follows ...

U.S.A. : $ 9.99

Europe : € 7.99

U.K : £ 6.29

The game also includes an Editor which allows players to create levels with the same tools we used to build every level in the game. JAW Managing Director, Stewart Gilray said, "We want to see what you guys can create, so to encourage creativity, we might give creators of the best levels something nice as a prize."

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