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Gotland Uni team to release XBLA game

Penalty of Heroes to be published later this year as part of games course

Gotland University in Sweden has announced that it is to release a title for the Xbox Live Arcade platform later this year, called Penalty of Heroes.

Due out in the Autumn, the game has been created by students studying the online International Game Production Studies course, and follows in the footsteps of Penumbra - Overture which was another IGPS title.

"Learning by doing is by far the best way of learning," said Troels Linde, a teacher at the university. "That's why everything in this course is related to one game project that the students do. That means that all your efforts during the education will go to improving the game."

And Hakan Mattsson, producer of the game, added: "This is a large project with over ten people involved, and we have to manage it like any other big budget project such as the games made by Blizzard or Valve. It's a great way to get experience and education at the same time." Gotland University has a high profile in Sweden, with a number of students graduating into jobs with companies including DICE, Grin, Avalanche and Massive Entertainment.

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