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Students can trade games and movies for free till January 31st.

College Park, Md. – Goozex, Inc., the leading online video game and movie trading community, announced it has suspended the trading fees for all members that are university students. Now students are allowed to buy and sell video games and movies on Goozex.com without paying any trading fees. The "No Student Fees" promotion is now available through January 31, 2010 to all members that are registered with an “.edu” email address on Goozex.com.

Students across the country are over-burdened with high tuition costs, cost-of-living expenses and Holiday shopping. Often times a student’s entertainment budget is hardest hit after paying for school, rent and food. The “No Student Fees” promotion on Goozex.com helps to reduce their entertainment expenses for video games and movies, while giving them access to virtually unlimited supply of gaming entertainment. There are over 20,000 unique available titles for trading games and movies on Goozex.

Goozex connects members to sell their games in exchange for credit called Goozex Points. Members can then spend the accumulated Points to buy other games or movies from other members. For each transaction, members pay a flat fee of $1 – which is now suspended, making selling and buying items on Goozex.com free for eligible members. Users still have to pay their shipping expenses. Goozex is free to join and there are no monthly fees or other costs for being a member.

Rated best-in-class and #1 game trading service, Goozex estimates that its members have saved over $5.8 million in cumulative game trading savings since July 2006, when Goozex started operations. This figure is based on an average savings of about $16.50 per trade when comparing to the cost of buying and selling a used game of comparable value in a traditional retail game store.

Jonathan Dugan, Co-Founder, 26 years old, recalls his days as a University student athlete and how the idea of Goozex was born to save people money: “Every dollar counted for me as a student and the idea of Goozex is to give people access to an incredibly large library of games at very low cost. Members that sell their games and movies on Goozex receive the fair value for their items as Goozex credit, which they can apply to receive other items of similar value from other members". It's really a user-driven market place that delivers the most value out of your home library and it is the best way to save money and still get the best in gaming and films. This idea is validated every day by members trading their used movies and games. In a tough economy we'd love to see students take advantage of what Goozex has to offer."

About Goozex, Inc.

Goozex, Inc. offers an award winning peer-to-peer online marketplace for trading media goods and it is headquartered in College Park, Maryland. Since the site launched in July 2006, Goozex.com has been the leader in online game trading centered on a virtual point system. Users sell their games and movies for credit, the Goozex Points, which is automatically adjusted based on several factors including supply and demand. Users can then redeem the Points for other video games or movies. The system offers its users a fair market value for their products and guarantees all trades. On average, members can save about $16.50 per game trade as compared to traditional used game retail stores. Movie trading was introduced in August 2009.

Goozex, your game trading community TM. Please visit our website at www.goozex.com


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