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Good Game

Aussie TV show returns for fourth season on August 11th.

Good Game, the Aussie show for gamers by gamers is about to resume its 4th season in the lead up to this year's holiday rush. We do game reviews, news, interviews with developers and big picture feature segments. As the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, we have no commercial influence whatsoever. Our aim is to provide an entertaining & informative analysis of our culture & industry for the Aussie public, but we have an international audience too and I invite you to check it out!

Episode 17 will air Monday, August 11th and can be viewed at www.abc.net.au/goodgame - we'll also air Monday nights on ABC2 @ 9pm, or on ABC1 late Friday nights around midnight. Every episode can be downloaded/streamed from our site.

For our first ep back we'll do a quick rundown of what came out over the break, including MGS4, Brawl, Ninja Gaiden 2, Bourne and Age of Conan. As usual, our small team finishes these games before we talk about them, and yes, that means analysing Conan from a level 80 perspective ;)

We'll also be reviewing Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, Soul Calibur IV, and Bajo will chart his progress at this year's E3, talking to the likes of Peter Moore, Peter Molyneux, Cliff Bleszinski, Rod Humble and more.

Throughout the season we'll have some more competitions as well, see some celebrity gamers pop in, and follow our Good Game interns as they start their new job at the Infinite Interactive (makers of Puzzle Quest) studio in Melbourne.

Enjoy the show!

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