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A Q&A with, for a change, one of the game's players.

Blainville, Canada - May 13, 2009 -- Machine 22, an independent game developer, present the first player spotlight for the free MMORPG Golemizer ( http://www.golemizer.com). Golemizer is a browser-based game set in a steampunk universe where players are set in the role of mad scientists creating monsters and many weird devices.

By its sanbox nature, Golemizer is heavily focused on its community and puts players in the front seat of the evolution process of the game. For this reason, getting to know better the players is highly important. Here's the first player spotlight presenting MiFeng, the dedicated mayor of one of the most active city in Golemizer.

The interview is also available at this URL: http://www.golemizer.com/index.php/mifeng

Main character name:


Character Signature:


Forum handle:



DoW - Disciples of Walken


Crayola Town

Are you the mayor?:


Since when are you playing Golemizer?

November 4th, 2008

Where are you from (in real life)?

Washington DC Area

How did you learn about Golemizer?

I googled free online rpg or something like that, clicked on a website and found it on there. :)

How many hours per week do you spend in Golemizer?

Lately, maybe 10 hours or so. But once school gets out, I'll probably spend even more time. ^_^

As a gamer, how would you describe yourself?

Quick learner and helpful.

Which other games do you play or have you played?

Haha, this might take a while ...

Um, First game I played was Neopets, then Runescape, I've also played powerpets and marapets but they're kinda like Neopets. Last summer, I downloaded a bunch of games like Mabinogi, Flyff, etc. I can't remember them all. Yup, I have no life. :3

How would you describe Golemizer to someone that has never heard of it before?

A really fun game where players can control what happens to it. You can do almost anything you want and almost everyone is super nice and helpful.

What does a typical Golemizer day consist of for you?

Talking to a lot of people all the time and making friends, making quests, getting my resources back up, make Crayola Town larger and better. Having fun ^_^

What do you enjoy most about Golemizer?

There's a variety of stuff you can do. Like, if you're a fighter, then there's a bunch of golems that you can use, and guns too. But if you're more peaceful, you can craft, make quests, make friends, etc.

Any funny or memorable moment in Golemizer you want to share?

Haha, everyday is a funny and memorable moment. ^_^

Any screenshots of your character, house, dungeon or city you want to share?






About Machine 22

Machine 22 is an independent game developer focused on providing a rich multiplayer experience on the web. Golemizer is the first title released by Machine 22 and has now become one of the deepest sandbox experience on the independent gaming scene.


Dave Toulouse, Machine 22


Golemizer website:


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